De reis van een kind in de hulpverlening- the journey of a Child in a protected Group house (facility)


Dit schilderij heb ik gemaakt in opdracht van een hulpverlener. Ze werkt met jongeren op een beschermde woonvorm. Zij vroeg mij een beeld te geven aan de soms moeilijke route die de kinderen/jongeren af leggen naar volwassenheid binnen de jeugdzorg.


I made this painting on request of a socialworker. She works with children/Youth in special home care facilities. She asked me to create a picture of the Journey the youth will go on once they get into the group house. The Journey of going through puberty in a diffrent environment then most Kids of the same age.

So hearby I will explain te painting.

(Left to right) it visualizes different phases;

1. Exploring, (looking for boudries and such)

2. Fearfully starting the climb towards beeing a young adult. While still looking back at the life you leave behind.

3. You reached the top of the stairs and it’s time to celebrate that you can go to do the next step.


This text is in Dutch

Afgelopen week ben ik gediagnosticeerd met hypermobiele Ehlers Danlos syndroom.

Dit gaat mij niet in de koude kleren zitten. Deze progressieve bindweefselaandoeningen heb ik al mijn leven lang, maar komt steeds meer tot uiting. Ik heb 10 maanden moeten wachten op de onderzoeken. In de tussentijd werd het vermoeden steeds groter. Afgelopen donderdag is dan ook de diagnose gesteld.

Stairway to heaven

This painting shows a woman in a wheelchair on the bottem of the stairs and a women doing a side-kick on top of the stairs.

What I’m trying to show here;

There will be a day (so the bible tells us) that everything will be good, People will be healed… wether it is in heaven or here on earth (the new earth).

Bird set free

Bird set free is about longing for freedom, while being caught in a cage of physical(or mental)suffering. I know it’s quite the message, but physical(or mental) suffering can make you feel like you’re caught in your own life/body. It’s all about setting yourself free, so your life will still have purpose. Sometimes a little help is needed, but I’m quite confident everyone can set themselves free from a life of suffering(either mentally or physically). To live a life of love, freedom and peace.


It’s known as one of life’s big taboos.

Someone with schizophrenia has to deal with a lot of fears and struggles, from my own experience with this disease, I made a few drawings to explain the feelings that come with a life with schizophrenia.

Everything can be fixed

You hear people say it a lot: “I can’t fix this anymore.” But I actually believe that when you put enough effort in it, everything can be fixed, to the point that the beauty is brought back into it. That doesn’t mean you won’t see it has been broken at some point, but I think there can be beauty in every piece of a broken heart.